The benefits of ServiceNow Agent Workspace and Chat

Following several successful upgrades to Paris, our attention turned to ensuring that our customers were deriving the maximum value from ServiceNow and using the latest and most exciting features available. As part of the Paris release, it was announced that Connect Support would no longer receive enhancements or non-priority bug fixes and will gradually be deprecated. Consequently, this has meant that we have worked with a number of our clients on the transition to Agent Workspace and Agent Chat.

Within ServiceNow, Agent Workspace provides agents, help desk professionals, and managers with tools to help answer customer questions and resolve customer problems. Reflecting on the lessons learned from our recent implementations, I have highlighted what I think are some of the biggest benefits that our clients are experiencing from making the switch to Agent Workspace and Chat:

Simple and efficient user interfaces

Whether it’s ITSM, CSM or PPM, there’s no doubt that ServiceNow has a vast array of applications and functionality that can improve your organisation. However, this can sometimes lead to users having to alternate between multiple applications and browser tabs. ServiceNow Workspaces look to combat this problem. Agent Workspace provides a clean, simple and consolidated user interface for agents to view and manage all of the tasks within their role. Appreciating that one size does not fit all, it is quick and easy to create and customise unique Agent Workspaces for different customers and their support partners, with further customisation available for end users.

Personalise and refine your customer’s virtual interactions

Moving to Agent Chat also sees a move towards the consideration of a customer’s overall interaction with the support service, instead of an isolated support chat. Working through the different stages of a customer interaction enables you to personalise that journey to fit your business needs.

Utilising Virtual Agent, and specifying a Pre-Survey, allows an initial triage to be completed before the customer has even requested to speak to an agent. After a seamless handoff from the Virtual Agent chatbot, an agent is able to utilise quick actions to respond swiftly to customers with pre-defined message templates and perform a variety of key functions all from the same window. Bringing the process full circle, a post-chat survey can be defined and triggered to capture quantitative performance scores and qualitative feedback that can be analysed and used to target areas for improvement.

Efficiency through automation

A huge benefit that is possible using Agent Chat is the automated queue management. Through the setting of an agent’s maximum capacity and analysing the current availability across the team, ServiceNow can immediately ascertain which agent should be presented with a new chat. If all agents are at maximum capacity, then the customer will be placed in a queue and given an estimated wait time based on moving averages. In addition to being able to route chats to agents based on availability, there is also out of the box functionality to enable skills-based routing. Coupling this with capacity-based routing provides an incredibly powerful and efficient tool for optimising the customer experience and increasing the likelihood of swift, first-time resolutions.

Easily leverage other applications and data within ServiceNow

One of our favourite features about Agent Workspace is Agent Assist. All organisations expend huge amounts of effort creating intuitive service catalogues and comprehensive knowledge bases. Unfortunately, this information is never utilised to its full potential. Presented within Agent Workspace, Agent Assist brings all this information to the forefront by presenting automatic search results to agents that show possible solutions as they look to resolve customer queries and issues. Out of the box, Agent Assist is pre-configured to search Incident, Problem, Change, Outages, Knowledge, and Case tables for solutions but can easily be set up to search additional information sources for solutions.

Detailed insights for agents and managers

Reports and dashboards aren’t new features within ServiceNow, but are increasingly important. The Agent Workspace homepage enables you to display these reports and dashboard in a centralised hub for all agents and managers. For agents, the use cases include being able to see all of the tasks they’re allocated against or a snapshot of the number of open incidents broken down by severity. For managers, this can be used as a one stop shop for managing their teams as they can see the capacity and status of their team, a list of unassigned incidents or request items and a variety of other performance analytics that can be used to prioritise their efforts. Much like the rest of the platform, if the data is available then this can be presented on the Agent Workspace homepage.

Powerful new features, if you’re ready to take advantage of them

Sometimes it can be hard for organisations to keep up with all these new features. It’s important for your team members to understand your business goals, and be given time to learn and take advantage of these improvements. They can then understand what is worthwhile to add to your own development roadmap.

But knowing not all companies have that capability, our managed services team is constantly learning in order to bring these improvements to customers.

Through collaboration and developing a deep understanding of our customers’ evolving business needs, we ensure clients have a dynamic ServiceNow roadmap that maximises ROI and take advantage of the improvements that are right for them.

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