UP3 - Announcing UP3’s first Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Mark Bustin!

Announcing UP3’s first Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Mark Bustin!

At UP3 we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate; it underpins everything we do and it has seen us develop industry-first and best-in class-applications that have won awards for our customers. However we don’t just do technical innovation, we also take an innovative approach to the services we deliver and our customers are a critical part of this.

Our ServiceNow Managed Service enables our customers to outsource the entire management, support and development of their ServiceNow platform so that they can focus on providing great service to their internal and external customers. Something our Managed Service customers have told us they really value is the way we share good practice across our customers enabling one customer to take advantage of great work that has been delivered for another. What we at UP3 hadn’t necessarily anticipated is the pride that our customers would feel knowing that one of their innovations was delivering benefit for other customers.

To recognise this generosity and to encourage this spirit of innovation we are launching our quarterly Managed Service Most Valuable Player award.

As a Managed Service MVP each winner will have played an important part in developing a new application or functionality that has subsequently been taken on by our other Managed Service customers. It is our pleasure to announce Mark Bustin, Head of IT at HS2 is our first MVP winner!

Mark has been instrumental in our recent work on the HS2 Service Portal. We worked with him and the team at HS2 to enhance and update the look and feel of their portal and to give a seamless and personalised experience for their users. With a dual layer menu and simplified widget design, the ease of navigation has been considerably improved. These enhancements stemmed from a need for better information, and the desire to bring the design of their portal in-line with their brand guidelines. The out of the box ServiceNow portal functionality acts as a great starting point, however we set our technical team to work on finding ways to enhance these features to bring the right information to the forefront, and to enable the latest functionality you would expect to see on responsive, mobile sites.

Once the portal was delivered for HS2 we turned it into one of our Managed Service ‘accelerators’ so that it could be quickly implemented for other customers. After showcasing the portal to our friends at Avanti West Coast and Informa they were keen to adopt the same approach. We used our accelerator to implement the same capabilities, creating similar versions for both companies but including their own branding personalisation. These changes have created a user-friendly experience and allowed more portal users to gain access to information such as service outages, the assets assigned to them and better visibility of items they had ordered from the service catalogue.

At UP3 we see massive value in thought leadership and working together to share innovation. We hope this award encourages our customers – existing and new – to be forthcoming with industry and business process enhancements to benefit their peers. So get involved, throw your hat in the ring and maybe your next innovative solution could end up with a Managed Service MVP award for you!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mark and the team over at HS2 for their hard work and eagerness to share during all our projects, past and future. Congrats Mark!

Ruth Weatherall

Written by:

Ruth Weatherall

Co-founder and Operations Director

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