UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Reduce complexity. Improve service delivery.

Eliminate the inefficiency of managing work through spreadsheets and mailboxes. Plan and manage all internal work requests with our Support Services application, built on ServiceNow.

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UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Scale across your business

The beauty of the application is that it can be rolled out with standard functionality across any department that supports your business - Secretarial Services, Administrative Support, Marketing, Business Development, Finance and more. Get in touch to talk through your requirements.

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Proven results

Replace mailboxes and unstructured ways of working and start reaping the rewards

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Reduce complexity and inefficiency

Improve resource management

Boost employee experience

Increase service delivery for fee earners

Drive cross-team collaboration


Streamline your internal request process with features designed to reduce complexity and improve your service delivery to your fee earners and across your entire business. 

UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Quickly and easily submit requests.

Submit requests directly in the portal, adding all details, attachments and external links. Requests can also be submitted via email, with the application pre-populating key information from the contents of the email.

UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Collaborate. In one place.

Stop wasting time jumping between mailboxes and spreadsheets. The portal, built on ServiceNow, provides a single place for collaboration and easy access to the latest updates. All correspondence is tracked for a full audit trail.

UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Track skills across your team.

The Skills Matrix enables managers to track skills and availability across their team and Assignment Assist allocates work based on skill levels, workload and availability. Managers have the ability to monitor skills required to meet business demand and up skill team members to meet business requirements.

UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

See all your tasks, at a glance.

Those carrying out the work get a real-time view of current and upcoming projects with out of the box, interactive dashboards.

UP3 - Support Services Workflow Application

Get team and project insights.

Interactive dashboards enable managers to see where team members are spending time, uncover project trends and effectively manage resource.

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