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Pioneered by IT, service management addresses all the service domains of modern enterprises and institutions. Customers have standardized on ServiceNow to apply the service model to many different use cases. IT, HR, Security Operations, Customer Service, Facilities and other service domains use the model to manage all of the service relationships that make up the contemporary workplace.

Operations management solutions consolidate resource data including virtualized and cloud infrastructure environments, into a single system of record. This enables you to see how your resources are performing at all times, automate key processes, and take a service-centric approach to mapping, delivery, and assurance.

Business management solutions extend your visibility so you can manage many of your most important investments: people, projects, compliance and vendors. Consolidate business data to effectively understand your costs, utilize your resources, automate the management of projects, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage business relationships. Then, you can devote more resources to transforming the enterprise.

ServiceNow’s Service Automation Platform is a highly configurable, approachable and extensible cloud platform built on an enterprise-grade infrastructure. All ServiceNow applications, as well as custom applications created by ServiceNow customers and partners, are built on this common, underlying platform.

The ServiceNow Platform helps you meet the demand for business applications. With a rich set of pre-built services and templates, you can quickly build, test and publish applications that can span from a single department to your entire enterprise. And because minimal to no coding is required, almost anyone can build applications for every department in an enterprise such as student admissions management, rebate processing, security compliance and more.

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