Rail Fraud Management

In the UK alone, £150 million is paid out each year in compensation for delayed train journeys. Train operating companies (TOCs) estimate that anywhere between 10-30% of the claims that they pay out are fraudulent e.g. individuals claiming compensation for trains they were never on or making multiple claims using a system of false names and addresses.

Until now the only real option for identifying fraudulent claims was a retrospective hunt through vast amounts of claims data, but once a claim has been paid it is a lengthy and expensive process to try and recoup the lost money. Many TOCs believe that this is a problem that they simply have to live with.

Reduce rail fraud with ServiceNow

Our Rail Fraud Management application for train operating companies is the first solution to detect fraudulent compensation claims as they are being processed and prevent the claim from being paid.

Rail Fraud Management workflow benefits

Our ServiceNow app offers a number of features and benefits including:

  • 20 fraud indicators – detecting up to 80% of fraudulent activity out of the box.
  • Connected consumers map – detecting claimants using multiple names and addresses or who may be part of an organised crime unit.
  • Adaptive analytics – the system can adapt its indicators proactively, for example at a time of significant disruption, to avoid false positives from being reported.
  • Journey validation – the system allows agents to quickly compare against real train running data without using another system.
  • Journey timeline – the app maps all journeys against high frequency claimants to show where multiple journeys and duplicate claims are being made.

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Our purpose-built Rail Fraud Management app means faster deployment and a quicker route to ROI.

ROI that speaks for itself: our app identified one individual who had claimed £70,000 of compensation.