Rail Disruption Management

A disruption management solution was not developed in the industry before as the problem was deemed too difficult to fix. Our Rail Disruption Management solution manages operational plans and customer service during periods of major rail disruption. Control staff are able to coordinate and instantly communicate the required recovery plan to a particular type of disruption, drastically reducing the number of inbound and outbound phone calls to the control centre.

Manage rail disruption incidents with ServiceNow

Frontline staff are empowered with real-time information (on any mobile device), with the latest information and recovery plans. They are also able to feed into the operational decision-making process. This enables staff to provide accurate information to customers and for customers to proactively access information for themselves to plan onward journeys and alternative routes. Resolving this industry-wide problem has the potential to change the customer perception of the rail sector bringing significant economic and environmental benefits.

Rail Disruption Management workflow benefits

Our ServiceNow app offers a number of features and benefits including:

  • A Control Log which provides a record of unplanned operational events in an auditable, referenceable and searchable record that can be viewed by all staff.
  • Staff scheduling to provide information to control of who may be impacted by events affecting stations or services.
  • Business continuity and response planning to assemble response teams, automatically assign tasks and provide updates to All staff to resolve issues faster.
  • Realtime updates and ticket acceptance to share with customers so they can plan alternative journeys based on accurate, up to the minute information.
  • Access to the ‘My Trains’ application to show staff all the information related to the services they are assigned to that day, with changes being reflected in real time.

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Our purpose-built Rail Disruption Management app means faster deployment and a quicker route to ROI.

Avanti West Coast achieved a 70% reduction in calls to and from Control during times of disruption.