ServiceNow Managed Services Part 1 – How can you tell if your Managed Service is really only support?

Companies that have implemented ServiceNow have often taken advantage of a ‘Managed Service’ offering, where the day to day process of looking after their treasured platform is handed over to another organisation who have dedicated skilled resources. It has been widely known for some time that employing someone directly with the relevant ServiceNow skill and experience can be expensive.

UP3 is an Elite ServiceNow partner that offer Managed Services to our customers, and in my role as Technical Director I get to see up close what value it delivers. Having worked in the ServiceNow eco-system for more than 10 years it has also allowed me to see where our managed services differ to other partners, who when it’s stripped back offer something more akin to a support service rather than a managed service. Their remit is to keep the lights on, do simple administration and manage the upgrade cycle, nothing more. You pay for that comfort blanket even if they are not called upon.

We do far more than that. We see it as our role to ensure you get the most out of the capacity you have signed up for and the platform you now own. Understanding your roadmap through regular reviews (all part of the service), coupled with our understanding of what ServiceNow has to offer, in both out of the box products, applications and features as well as what is possible from a custom application perspective, results in a partnership that really delivers tangible value.

Too many contacts to the Service Desk? We’ll put a plan in place to implement Virtual Agent.

Struggling to understanding what’s driving incidents? We can bring our experience to look at process and data maturity and create visual dashboards.

Having trouble managing approvals for CAB? We’ll demo CAB workbench to show you what it can do for you.

Want to digitise a manual spreadsheet process? Our team can help you on the best way forward and understand what it would take to migrate it.

We do this for all our customers with great results, because to us that is a service that is truly managed.

We’d love to understand more about your business, and the current solution you have in place – at UP3 we put our customers first and would be more than happy to show you how it’s really done. This blog is the first instalment in our ServiceNow Managed Services blog series. We also have a whole host of content around our managed service offerings; whether you’re looking for information about the service, or you want to find out what our customers think about working with our dedicated team, please do get in touch or check out the insights section of the UP3 website.

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