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We were asked by Momenta to assess whether ServiceNow could be used to support a claims handling business process that they were currently managing, with some difficulty, in Excel. Momenta needed to be able to manage these cases through a logical workflow, collaborate as required, and maintain the audit trail of all activities that had taken place. And they needed a solution quickly because they were adding 1,500 cases each week to their workload.

Given how quickly they needed us to move we proposed a hot-house approach to development whereby we would sit with their team building out ServiceNow against the basic requirements and adjusting as needed until they had a solution capable of supporting this process. We proposed the Customer Service Management application as the best fit for Momenta’s requirements because of the ability to track all emails and phone calls from within the case but also because it would give Momenta the flexibility of re-using the process and opening it up to any external customer via the portal as needed.

Within one week of our initial meeting we were onsite and working. We ran a focused process workshop with the process owner to make sure we designed a solution to meet their desired state ensuring that we weren’t just replicating spreadsheets but were also able to deliver functionality that the Momenta team perhaps hadn’t thought to ask for. By the end of that first week we had a working prototype and from then on in it was a case of testing and refining as quickly as possible as the cases were mounting up by the day. By the end of the second week we were in a position to be testing case data loads and after some tweaks of our transform maps to cope with double-barrelled last names we were good to go. A total of 3 weeks from start to finish and we were eating hurriedly purchased cake from Paul’s patisserie in celebration with the team.

This implementation embodied everything that UP3 is about. We know that our best work is done when we work with our customer as one team. The trust that we had built up and our ability to execute enabled us to try things out and adjust our approach to quickly hone in on what Momenta needed. And all in just 3 weeks.

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