UP3 - A whistlestop tour of Jakarta release

A whistlestop tour of Jakarta release

IT Service Management and ServiceNow Express
  • Added 10 new Benchmarks to the HI Portal
  • Advanced Guided Setups – For example the adding of further ITOM Guided Setups like Cloud Management
  • Visual Timeline dashboard for SLAs – This will take all SLAs for a record and combine them on one screen for quick and easy understand on why a record might have breached. ServiceNow have also created two new roles for managing SLA Definitions SLA Admin, SLA Manager
  • Enhancements to OOB Surveys – Given the ability to send domain specific surveys, also an addition of some Service Portal Widgets and Pages for completing surveys
  • Automated Test Framework – You can now create tests for catalog items
  • ServiceNow Express – Express has been moved to the correct ServiceNow codebase like Enterprise, existing customers will need to be converted, this will start in September 2018
IT Operations Management
  • Discovery – ServiceNow added a real time VMWare vCenter discovery, giving visibility of people spinning and decommissioning VMs
  • Service Mapping – ServiceNow have adding PAAS understanding, allowing Cloud Service Mapping
  • Event Management – Renamed to Operational Intelligence, adding proactive alerting using algorithmic intelligence engine
  • Cloud Management – After the acquisition of ITapp, ServiceNow have release the new version of Cloud Management using the tools aquired from ITapp
  • Multi-Cloud Blueprint Designer – (Cloud Catalog Item), workflow driven designer view, the idea being you can set up ‘blueprints’ for a specific cloud use and have those easily converted into catalog items
IT Business Management
  • Software Asset Management – ServiceNow have added Software Asset Management, This will be a paid service with a new subscription cost, however it will be adding normalization of data
  • Application Portfolio Management – Useful for understand where applications need investment, if used properly it could identify where a service needs investment
  • New PPM Portal – Adding another view for interdependent tasks, could be used to highlight lack of resources, the point of the portal is to give a high-level project overview
  • New application – Financial Reporting – useful addition to the service catalog, it can add a level of reporting for when a business uses cross departmental carging, very useful in larger businesses, however requires a catalog to have correct pricing against it, this can be hard to manage
IT Security Products
  • More native third-party integrations, this adds administrators the ability to set up quick and easy out of the box integrations
  • New part of Security called Trusted Security Circles; Security Analysts have the ability to give access to security incidents to other units in a business including third parties
  • Vendor Risk Management – This is an addition to GRC trying to give users the ability to rate and manage third party’s performance
Customer Service Management
  • With the Jakarta release ServiceNow have released Communities, basically giving out the ServiceNow Community functionality for consumers via the Service Portal
  • Enhancements to CSM Knowledge Management, specifically on the Service Portal, ability to subscribe to KB articles, also giving Knowledge Versioning
  • Giving Field Services Management an easy method for Time Carding.
  • Integration with Cost Transparency application
HR Service Delivery
  • HR has been renamed again it is now HR Service Delivery
  • ServiceNow have created an onboarding and transitions app, giving ability to create automated and orchestrated onboarding tasks inside HR, this will help a lot with Joiner Mover Leaver processes
  • Added one button click to move old HR app into new HR Scoped app for the additional access control
  • Bulk case creation, condition based build for bulk creating cases.Added pre-populated templated PDFs in ServiceNow, and ability to capture E-signatures
Performance Analytics
  • Advanced Forecasting, using the machine learning algorithms
  • Adds an Interactive Analysis UI Action to a list view
  • Made it easier to import data into ServiceNow to use PA with data outside ServiceNow
  • Report Designer for people who don’t know how to use ServiceNow reporting, very simple guided approach
Now Platform
  • The ServiceNow platform has been renamed to the Now Platform
  • Added Guided Tour Designer – This gives the ability for administrators to create guided interfaces that would help explain to a new user how to use the incident form for example
  • The Now Platform loads forms 37% faster, and loads lists 25% faster
Global Services

ServiceNow have released how many certified people they have:

  • 6592 Certified System Administrators
  • 2214 Certified Implementation Specialists
  • 479 Certified Application Developers

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