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A view from the client – Fraud Manager, Virgin Trains

So, let’s start at the beginning. Can you tell us your name, who you work for and what is your exact role within the company? I am Mick O’Brien, and I work for Virgin Trains as the Fraud Manager. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– And how do you know the people at UP3? I have had the great pleasure of working closely with the UP3 team, particularly Becci and Callum, during the exciting development…

01 April 2019 Read more

Callum’s Blog – Fraud Detection and Prevention – From Post-It note to production part 3/3

In the final post of this series we will be looking briefly at what the future holds for the fraud detection and prevention system on the ServiceNow platform. The core system has been running now for almost three months and the Virgin Trains compliance team have seen some great results, now we need to turn great into amazing. The first planned major addition to the system is the inclusion of…

28 January 2019 Read more

Callum’s Blog – Fraud Detection and Prevention – From Post-It note to production part 2/3

In this, the second post of a three-part series on the development of a fraud detection and prevention system on the ServiceNow platform, we will be looking at some of the more custom solutions we needed to develop in order to meet the requirements of the project. If you missed part one of the series, we recommend you start there to give you an understanding of the product as a whole. As …

14 January 2019 Read more

Callum’s Blog – Fraud Detection and Prevention – From Post-It note to production part 1/3

In this series of three posts, we will be looking at what it took to create a fraud detection and prevention system on the ServiceNow platform for Virgin Trains, as demonstrated during the NowForum 2018 keynote. We will explore the fundamentals of such a system, the requirements that lead to it being built the way it was, the exciting technologies that enabled us to create…

08 January 2019 Read more

Finishing the year with another win

Last month, we found ourselves at “The UK IT Industry Awards 2018” in support of our friends at ServiceNow and Virgin Trains, who won the Business IT Innovation of the Year award. Once again, UP3 is delighted to support this win through the innovation we are driving in partnership with both organisations. A further, special mention goes to Virgin Trains, who also picked up “IT Team of the Year”…

04 December 2018 Read more

How Virgin Trains is tackling delay compensation fraud using ServiceNow

An article appeared online this week at ComputerWorld, following on from the keynote speeches at Now Forum we thought was worthy of sharing. The article outlined the route taken by Virgin trains to combat compensation and fraud. Here at UP3, we are extremely proud of the ServiceNow solutions we have provided Virgin Trains and the working partnership we have with them. Matthew…

25 October 2018 Read more

Now Forum – our view from Stand 24

Last week, we had the very enjoyable experience of attending the Now Forum in London. Weeks of planning, creative discussions, merchandise sampling and the decision to wear lime green shirts ended with a fabulous event in London’s Excel Centre. We set up the night before and went with a Surgery style creative approach. We decided to open our stand up for anyone who wanted…

25 October 2018 Read more

UP3 and ServiceNow win Most Innovative Cloud Vendor of the Year 2018

UP3 is delighted to announce that, through its work with Virgin Trains, it has played a pivotal role in helping ServiceNow win Most Innovative Cloud Vendor of the Year at the 2018 Cloud Excellence Awards. Winning the award is testament to the strong partnership between Virgin Trains, ServiceNow and UP3 and the innovation that is being driven through that partnership. Speaking of…

02 October 2018 Read more

Callum’s Blog – Inbound Actions – Something you might not know…

I’m sure we have all encountered issues with inbound actions at some point during our ServiceNow development careers, but today I came across an issue that that left me tearing my hair out. The Requirement An Inbound Action that only updates the state of a record and attaches the email to the record so that is is visible in the activity stream / related list. The Problem The …

09 August 2018 Read more

Callum’s Blog – Code name ‘Involve’: ServiceNow platform gamification

Employee engagement is one of the most costly issues that a business can face. A disengaged workforce will not produce the results that the business strives for, in fact a recent report by Gallup found that 65% of the US workforce were disengaged with their jobs, estimated to cost the country around $500 billion each year. As ServiceNow expands into the working lives…

24 May 2018 Read more

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