UP3 - Why your digital transformation may not be fast enough

Why your digital transformation may not be fast enough

ServiceNow is part of the solution, but having the right expertise is vital

It’s safe to say that most organisations have had to speed up their digital initiatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen it with our customers and in the wider market – and we’ve learnt how quickly companies can accelerate transformation when they really have to.

Global management consultancy McKinsey sounded a warning: “companies often experiment at a pace that fails to match the rate of change around them, slowing their ability to learn fast enough to keep up.” They add it’s imperative that companies use the crisis as a “mandate to be bold” and now “is the time for bold learning at scale”.

So ask yourself: is your company moving at a fast enough pace? If you’ve invested both time and money into implementing ServiceNow, is it truly delivering on its potential?

ServiceNow MVPs can unlock your transformation

Sometimes it’s easy to over-complicate a situation or with the best of intentions try to “boil the ocean”. Planning is absolutely vital, but don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. If you try to anticipate every single requirement it’ll get in the way of launching digital initiatives.

It’s why we are strong proponents of minimum viable products (MVPs). Get the team together, understand the requirements, then build and present something as fast as you can.

The benefits are two fold. Firstly, you’ll feel as a team that progress is being made. Momentum is a key part of successful transformation projects and wider engagement within the organisation. Secondly, you’ll get to see and use something. It’s often here that conversations flow easier, and requirements can be refined, as stakeholders can understand things better in real life use.

Work with a partner that pushes your pace

Futurum Research says that “companies need to be partnering up constantly to take advantage of knowledge and growth ideas”, yet less than 30% of organisations have their partners taking part in their digital transformation projects.

This is why it’s vital to have a technical partner that adds value beyond reactionary services and support. By leveraging their domain expertise, along with ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ and ability to ask those challenging questions in a way that only an external party can, your projects will be all the better for it.

But also be wary of partners that may be over complicating things. We’ve seen some project times quoted that would quite frankly threaten to stall or kill off a project before it starts. ServiceNow is a powerful platform with endless possibilities. You need the right expertise and investment to make the most of it, yes, but be cautious of excessive project proposals. The whole point of ServiceNow is to use the platform as an enabler of your digital transformation options.

When the pace of change needs to be faster than ever before, and as McKinsey said there’s an opportunity to be bold, now is the time to do it. Ensure you have the right ServiceNow partner in place who can not only help you with that mandate, but also move at the pace your transformation demands.

In our guide “Five steps to unlocking the power of ServiceNow” we talk further about having the right partner in place that will help you be successful. Download a copy of the ServiceNow guide.

Matthew Shears

Written by:

Matthew Shears

Co-founder & Commercial Director

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