UP3 - Update: My first 6 months at UP3: Emilia Włodarska

Update: My first 6 months at UP3: Emilia Włodarska

UP3 - Update: My first 6 months at UP3: Emilia Włodarska

Back in March, we spoke to Emilia, one of our Managed Development Service Consultants, to find out how she was finding her first month as part of the team at UP3 (take a look here if you’ve not read it yet!).

Today, we’re getting back in touch to find out how she’s doing 8 months in, including her achievements and successes so far.

It’s lovely to speak to you again, Emilia! Time is flying and you’re now 8 months into your role here at UP3. How's it going?

It’s going really well! From speaking to people when I first started, I knew that I’d progress quite fast at UP3. I wanted to learn a lot, but I wasn’t expecting to learn quite so much in such a short space of time! It’s one of my favourite aspects of my journey so far.

You previously told us you were looking forward to learning more and perfecting your skills, how are you finding this?

It’s completely surpassed my expectations to be honest. I’ve put in a lot of effort into my progression and pride myself on the work that I’m doing, but being in this environment really makes you strive for greatness. Everyone is so helpful and supportive, and their knowledge motivates me to learn even more.

I feel like I’ve progressed a lot since I started, which makes me really happy.

UP3 - Update: My first 6 months at UP3: Emilia Włodarska

What are some of your favourite things about working at UP3?

The environment, definitely. The people are so supportive and encouraging. You can always rely on others within your team and the wider business to help whenever you need it. I also find that I’m pushing myself further each day, which I really value.

Some of the things we work on here can be challenging, so having a positive and friendly environment is really important. It can be quite hectic and fast-paced, and I always see people stepping in to help where they can. I really value this, and it’s been nothing short of a pleasant experience for me to be here.

Looking back on the last 8 months, what has been your biggest achievement to date?

I think growing confidence in my skills and being in an environment to perfect them has been brilliant. I’ve noticed I’ve become so much more confident in myself as well since being here, which is really important to me. I know that I still have a long journey ahead but I feel like I’m on the right track. There’s a famous saying; “The more you know, the more you realise you don't know.” I definitely resonate with this! There’s so much that I don’t know yet, but the more I learn, the more I want to find out.

What's the most exciting thing you've worked on during your time here so far?

To be honest, everything that I’ve worked on so far has been interesting. Most of the things that I do on a daily basis will present a form of novelty, either to us or to the client. It’s great to get the exposure to new aspects of the platform, to meet new clients and understand the things that make them different. Every client operates in a unique way, or has different processes for similar things, which I find really interesting to observe.

I really value building relationships with our clients and creating connections. Working on their accounts has been a really pleasurable experience. I think you can find something exciting in most pieces of work that we do at UP3

UP3 - Update: My first 6 months at UP3: Emilia Włodarska

You had some great things to say about your team in our last interview - is this still meeting your expectations?

Absolutely. Everyone here is so lovely. The whole team has a really close bond, treating each other with complete respect and kindness. You get a lot of support, I never feel like I can’t ask questions when I need to.

Looking ahead for the next few months, what do you hope to achieve by the time you’ve been at UP3 for a year?

At the moment I’m striving to pass new certifications, as well as continuing to improve my skills and develop further. I really look forward to seeing what the future holds!

It’s been a pleasure catching up with Emilia to find out more about what she’s been up to at UP3, and we look forward to speaking with her again early next year. If you’d like to find out more about working at UP3 and explore our current job opportunities, visit our Careers Page.


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