UP3 - UP3 invests in expansion of ServiceNow capability

UP3 invests in expansion of ServiceNow capability

Significant investment in delivery to meet demand for managed services

UP3 is pleased to announce that it has expanded its managed services capability, with ten new positions recruited in recent months all focused on customer project delivery.

It’s part of an investment program to expand UP3’s managed development and support services for ServiceNow with another phase of recruitment currently underway.

UP3’s ServiceNow managed services allow organisations to free themselves from day-to-day management of the ServiceNow platform and application development. Instead, they can focus on their digitalisation initiatives with UP3 working as a strategic partner to their internal teams.

“Many companies understand what they can achieve with ServiceNow, but lack the operational capability to meet their ambitions,” said Matthew Shears, UP3 co-founder and Commercial Director. “Companies are embracing our managed service so they can get away from that operational noise and instead focus on the results they want to achieve with ServiceNow in their business.”

The pandemic has accelerated many companies’ digital initiatives making it even more imperative to have the right resources in places. That’s difficult for many organisations and the increased demand to transform has meant more companies are looking to partners such as UP3 for assistance.

“Solutions such as ServiceNow are well suited for managed service delivery,” adds Ruth Weatherall, UP3 co-founder and Operations Director. “It’s hard to recruit the right skillsets, and it’s not just about ServiceNow knowledge: process and change expertise is also vital. By working with a UP3 our customers draw upon the skills of a very talented team and benefit from best practice expertise gained across many different industries.”

If you are a ServiceNow organisation interested in our managed services and how they can support your organisation, contact us to find out more.

We continue to recruit for those with ServiceNow expertise in roles such as Managed Development Consultants, Technical Consultants and Engagement Managers. If you are interested in joining UP3 send your CV and cover letter to hello@up3.co.uk.


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