UP3 - ServiceNow has two major releases a year. Are you able to take advantage?

ServiceNow has two major releases a year. Are you able to take advantage?

ServiceNow is a platform driven by innovation, with two major releases every year. This may seem daunting, but each iteration can bring huge benefits to your organisation. If you’re ready for them.

Upgrade at least once a year

While organisations may not implement every update, ServiceNow has a requirement to never be more than one version behind the latest release. What this means, in practicality, is at least one upgrade process a year.

The logic behind this is sound. ServiceNow can focus on innovation rather than supporting legacy customers, and organisations will never get so far behind the upgrade process becomes too daunting to tackle.

Take advantage of new features

Too often organisations focus on just getting through the upgrade process. But it’s important that you are in a position to deploy these updates with ease and begin to actually take advantage of the new features on offer.

One way is to get the foundations right. The more customisation you introduce the more unintended consequences may occur. Ensure your team is utilising as much out of the box functionality as it can and use tried and tested accelerators for key pieces of functionality.

And, coming back to the point on right skills, ensure your team has the chance to understand the ServiceNow roadmap. A future update may be around the corner that avoids custom development. Your team also needs to be in a place to understand the overall strategic value of future improvements.

UP3 ServiceNow Managed Service 

Sometimes upgrades can be hard. If technical debt has mounted then upgrades can pose a challenge – and an upgrade may have unintended consequences. But don’t worry. If this sounds familiar you are far from alone, and for us it’s all very fixable. We help customers get their upgrade done, and move the platform to a place where future upgrades are pain-free. This is evidenced in the speed in which we upgrade all our managed service clients.

Find out more about the UP3 ServiceNow Managed Service here

Dan Tracey

Written by:

Dan Tracey

Technical Consultant

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