UP3 - Q+A with a Technical Consultant; What makes working for UP3 different?

Q+A with a Technical Consultant; What makes working for UP3 different?

Today we’re talking to Manasa, a Technical Consultant at UP3 who joined us in 2023. She’s given us some brilliant answers to our questions about how UP3 is different to work for from other ServiceNow partners, and what she enjoys about her team and her projects. Read on to see what she has to say.

How long have you been with UP3, and how have you been finding it?

I’ve been with UP3 for 4 months, but I felt comfortable in much less time than that. I began working on projects within my second week. Usually, it would take longer than that, in other companies, but here I almost immediately started working on customer stories for one of our long-standing clients, a National Train Operating Company. It was a big help that the team here are really friendly, and they helped me really understand the businesses of our customers. I feel I settled down here very quickly, everything is going smoothly.

What sort of work do you do day to day?

Initially, when I joined, I was working on the Service Operations Workspace modification and configuration for one customer. Later I worked on Service Catalogue projects for a customer in a different sector – pharmaceuticals. I even got a chance to work on a few integrations, which I hadn’t been able to do in previous roles. I’d only worked on one integration before, but within my first three months at UP3 I worked on two different integrations (integrating OneTrust and Intune into a customer’s instance), one of which is already successfully deployed in production.

The work is different in every sprint and on every project; in four months I’ve worked on several different projects across four different customers, which is really great.

What is the most interesting project you’ve been working on?

Working with the Train Operating Company meant I got to work on the Service Operations Workspace, which I haven’t worked on before, so I really learnt a lot on that project. And working on the integrations was really interesting, especially with how they differed from each other, I learnt a lot of stuff there too.

Since starting at UP3 I’ve been working on things I haven’t ever worked on before. Now I’m getting to do in depth development work, unlike earlier in my career, which is fantastic. I really enjoy the technical work and getting involved in the customer calls. Each sprint is with a different project, new customers, new calls, learning lots of stuff; there’s nothing I don’t like at UP3.

What are the team like to work with?

Yes, everyone helps everyone a lot and collaborates with each other. Everyone answers questions quickly and they’re always available to help if I have a question, even if it’s something small or simple. They’re always happy to help, and everyone works together, which creates a really nice environment.

There’s a lot to learn, lots of people who are very experienced on building integrations and working in the service operations workspace. This is new stuff, so most people haven’t even worked in this area, but in UP3, I see everyone working on a variety of projects, and on all the latest features released by ServiceNow.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

I’m happy whenever I get to work on an integration, and I’m already on those! And I’m looking forward to working on more, because that’s where I’m looking to improve. I’m learning a lot from working on integrations and I’m getting really comfortable with them.

And I’m looking forward to working on HR Service Deployment projects because I earnt my HRSD certification while at UP3, and I want to use it.

What are some of your favourite things about working at UP3?

I’m working very closely with the customers, I meet with them on daily stand-up calls, I’m getting their feedback and testing results, working on modifications for them, so I’m on calls with customers every day.

Being client facing means I always feel like I’m having an impact. Especially since I’m really getting to fully understand the clients I’m working with and their businesses.

Justin (UP3’s Technical Director) arranges technical sessions every Wednesday, where everyone can share their problems, or new things they’ve learnt, so we all keep up to date with ServiceNow. And we do onsite sessions which are really helpful.

And I’ve really been enjoying the variety of projects I’ve been working on, I’m not working behind the scenes on something for years and years like I used to do.

Thank you to Manasa for taking the time to share her thoughts and provide this valuable insight into working for UP3. If you’re interested in working for a business that takes on a variety of projects and provides a supporting and nurturing environment, check out our open opportunities on our careers page.

Manasa Kamireddy

Written by:

Manasa Kamireddy

Technical Consultant

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