UP3 - Joining UP3 was a culture shock, but I’m so glad I did it

Joining UP3 was a culture shock, but I’m so glad I did it

After joining us earlier this year, Kogie Perumaul shares her views on life at UP3

After 14 years at my last employer in the legal industry, I decided to make a change and join UP3 as a Customer Engagement Manager. Put simply, my role is to make the lives of our clients easier. To manage the relationship between client and UP3 teams to ensure the client gets what they want from ServiceNow and the platform delivers for them.

So how has the change been?

To be honest, I was apprehensive of moving.

I was moving from a company of thousands to one of around 50 and where I knew my internal stakeholders well to a role of consultancy where I was working with a fluid list of external clients.

I made the move and I’m pleased to say it paid off and my apprehension soon vanished.

What I credit with a really smooth transition into my new role is the UP3 team. Everyone was so supportive and never too busy to answer my many questions or lend a hand when needed.

I was also continuing to work with ServiceNow which I knew and loved, but now was getting to work with lots of different clients and be involved in their various projects. This is really exciting for me.

Some of our clients are in legal so it was great that I immediately understood their world and was able to bring my experience to their projects. But I was also exposed to completely new industries and new people which for me adds a different element of interest. I’m learning a lot, and I can share those learnings with other UP3 clients. I love it!!

I’ve certainly still had a few culture shocks. A lovely converted warehouse in South London was a long way away from the tall buildings of Glass in Canary Wharf or working in the City.

I was used to an environment where the entire floor was for the company only. Having a private co-working space available to use when I wanted was very new to me. I also started exploring and I found the café space, bar, terrace and no end of different places to find a spot to work. It quickly won me over. I’m not required to be in the office but when I am it has what I need and I can work with others or find a quiet spot if needed. I’m a total convert.

Overall I am very happy I made the change. I’m learning new skills, meeting new people and the team at UP3 has made it possible. Special thanks to Rebecca Copley (Head of Customer Engagement Team) for believing in me, the mentoring and constant motivation.

If you are thinking of joining us and having any questions please do drop me a message and I’m happy to chat about my experiences.

But if in doubt, I urge you to make the move. New adventures lie ahead.


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