UP3 - How have I found my first month at UP3 as a Summer intern?

How have I found my first month at UP3 as a Summer intern?

UP3 - How have I found my first month at UP3 as a Summer intern?

Meet Grace!

Grace began working at UP3 as a Marketing and Business Operations Administrator in mid-July. In this article Grace discusses her first month at UP3 and what it's like to be a member of our team as an intern. Grace will be with us until September, when she will return to university, but we will make sure to check in again to see how her journey unfolds.

So, Grace …tell us, how have you found your first month at UP3?

It has been fantastic! I typically go to the office three days per week and have a hybrid work style. My role is very varied; one day I could be analysing our website metrics and the next assisting with updating our employee profiles. I have really enjoyed working on the monthly newsletter as it has allowed me to be creative and learn more about our team, achievements, and goals.

UP3 - How have I found my first month at UP3 as a Summer intern?

What about your team, what are they like? How has it been working with them?

Working with the team has allowed me to learn about everyone's journey into the company, which has been interesting to me as I am trying to figure out my own career aspirations. The team was extremely welcoming, and I always felt like I could reach out to anyone, which was crucial for me as someone new to the team and industry. I have had a great blend of independence and guidance, which has helped me grow confidence in my abilities and learn something new every day.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting an internship at a Tech consultancy?

My advice to someone starting an internship at a Tech consultancy would be, try to get stuck into everything because exposure to different sectors of the business will help you decide what you enjoy doing the most.

So, you have two weeks left of your internship, what do you have on over the coming weeks?

To be honest, I'm not sure, I assist the Marketing Director and Business Operations Manager, therefore a lot of my work is unpredictable! However, I really enjoy this because it gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. I've begun to coordinate some of the sports and social events, such as Karaoke, and this week I'll be creating visuals to promote them to the team. I'll also be updating the newsletter for the following month, helping out with some database maintenance and getting under the skin of our Marketing Automation platform.

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