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Get the foundations of ServiceNow right. It’ll underpin every project success in the future.

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, the platform has the power to unleash powerful transformation capabilities and accelerate your speed of business. That is, if you are in a position to take advantage of its potential and be one of the digital transformation success stories. At UP3 we live and breathe ServiceNow and digital transformation, so in this five-part blog series, we share tips to ensure you unleash its full potential. First up, our Head of Customer Engagement, Becci Copley shares her thoughts.

When we say foundations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it at the beginning

Absolutely, having the right foundations in place from the start is the best option. But there’s lots that can be done post-implementation that will speed up your ability to innovate.

Whether it’s the underlying configuration, or deploying accelerators to carry out key processes, there are small but significant wins that can have a positive impact on your delivery capability.

One hurdle to the platform’s health is code that didn’t really need to be written. It’s very easy to try and code your way out of an issue. But that good intentioned piece of work has unintended consequences down the road – like at upgrade time. A better understanding of the platform’s features could avoid technical debt. Ensure your team or partner isn’t overcomplicating things when there’s a better option. It’ll pay off in the long run.

If you’ve already implemented ServiceNow it’s not too late to fix underlying issues that may be slowing you down

Incremental fixes can be made, and with each improvement the long term health of your ServiceNow platform will be improved. There’s also no shame in hitting a reset button. Think of an office space and how it evolves and grows over time. Sometimes you need to regroup and realign to the current business needs.

It is possible to re-implement the platform, effectively starting again. This may sound drastic, but if it makes long term development easier, and you can deliver on business objectives faster as a result, it’ll be worth it in the long run. By going back to the roots of your system and getting the foundations right, you will reap the rewards every day you develop on the platform in the future.

Unlock the power of ServiceNow

At UP3 we live and breathe ServiceNow and digital transformation so we created this free eBook. From managing your platform to finding the right skills, here are five strategies – from our team to yours – to ensure ServiceNow really delivers on your objectives.

Rebecca Copley

Written by:

Rebecca Copley

Head of Customer Engagement

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