UP3 - Having support isn’t enough. Find a partner that will challenge you.

Having support isn’t enough. Find a partner that will challenge you on what's right - and wrong

In the second of our five-part series on unlocking the power of ServiceNow, our co-founder and Commercial Director, Matthew Shears shares his perspective.

With ServiceNow you don't really need support

At least, not in the traditional break/fix arrangement which many of us are used to. The platform is mature and stable and technical issues will likely be infrequent. Due to the power and flexibility of the platform, it’s how ServiceNow is deployed and developed that can potentially create issues that will impact performance either now or in the future.

This is why reactive support is a false sense of security.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Doctors try to advise you on corrective behaviour in the hope that you don’t later appear in hospital needing emergency care. And it should be the same with ServiceNow and any support relationship.

Ask yourself if your partner is challenging you enough. Are they waiting for you to raise tickets, or are they proactively coming to you with suggestions on what needs to be done?

Time spent on reactive support is time that could be spent developing

By moving beyond this, you can instead focus on work that will tangibly move you forward and help you deliver on business goals. The best support service is one where it effectively makes itself obsolete: where the focus is on fixing underlying issues then moving on to best practice and ongoing development. The prevention to avoid the cure. We come across situations where there’s not been the right capability in the team, or the right partner isn’t in place, and technical debt has built up. We then get asked if we can fix things. Can we do this? Absolutely. But this won’t solve the underlying issue and it’ll just occur again. 

Organisations need the right operational setup in place to begin moving beyond firefighting to adding strategic value. If they aren’t able to achieve this, then a managed service arrangement may be the answer. 

Our ServiceNow Managed Service enables you to establish an agile delivery methodology – so you can manage demand in line with your roadmap, promote best practice and make use of all the functionality you are subscribed to as well as the latest innovation on offer from ServiceNow. 

And, when issues arise they are resolved quickly and with minimal impact. You can find out more about our Managed Service here

Matthew Shears

Written by:

Matthew Shears

Co-founder & Commercial Director

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