UP3 - Deprecations announced by ServiceNow on the new Vancouver Release

Deprecations announced by ServiceNow on the new Vancouver Release

The latest Vancouver release brings with it a host of changes, including the announcement of deprecations for certain plugins and features. Beginning with Xanadu release planned for September 2024, ServiceNow will end support for the features listed although they remain active in your instance.

We’ll explore what this means for you and highlight the new replacements that promise enhanced functionality and performance.

1. Integration Hub

In the Vancouver release, this application "Microsoft AD Spoke for IntegrationHub" is being replaced with "Microsoft Active Directory v2 Spoke." This upgrade promises more robust integration capabilities with Microsoft Active Directory and take advantage of more powerful features and future innovations.

2. Field Service Management

ServiceNow has unveiled a series of deprecations within the "Field Service Management" encouraging users to migrate to the replacement technology "Field Service Dispatcher” Workspace.

  • Legacy Field Service Management Workspace plugin
  • Team calendar and Manager map plugins.
  • Agent location history map plugin
  • Map plugin, Instead, use the Dispatcher Workspace plugin.

3. ITOM Visibility

The classic "Cloud Discovery Home feature" is planned for deprecation and gets evolved into "Cloud Operations Workspace". This transformation reflects ServiceNow's commitment to enhancing cloud operations management. The Cloud Operations Workspace helps to create schedules for discovering cloud resources based on the discovery method you choose: service accounts or IP ranges.

4. Service Operations Workspace

Upon upgrade to version 3.0 of Service Operations Workspace for ITSM, the “Recommendation Framework” feature will no longer be available for use and existing active recommendations will be deactivated. Version 3.0 of Service Operations Workspace for ITSM will be auto installed upon upgrade to the Washington D.C. release planned for March 2024.

The replacement technology, Advanced Recommended Actions, can be used after installing the “Task Intelligence for ITSM plugin”. This plugin will empower you with smart recommendations for IT service management tasks, streamlining your workflow.

5. Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

“CMDB Search” has been deprecated and is no longer available for new activations or supported. ServiceNow recommend transitioning to CMDB Intelligent Search, seamlessly integrated into the CMDB Workspace (4.0) store app, for an enhanced search experience.

Nothing to worry about

In conclusion, the Vancouver release from ServiceNow brings exciting changes and improvements to the platform. While certain plugins and features are being deprecated, it's nothing to worry about because their replacements promise enhanced functionality and efficiency across various aspects of your ServiceNow experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Vancouver release, and make sure to plan your migration to take advantage of these exciting new features. If you want some help in managing your ServiceNow instance, and preparing for the new releases, check out our Managed Service for ServiceNow, or, to find out more about how we could help your business, get in touch.

Nav Venkatesh

Written by:

Nav Venkatesh

Managed Service Support Lead

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