UP3 - Our Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Chrissy Heynes and Yvonne Quinn of Southeastern

UP3 Managed Service Most Valuable Player announcement…and the award goes to…

Our ServiceNow Managed Service Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards acknowledge the new and innovative ways our customers are using ServiceNow. In many cases these innovations are generously shared with their peers in other companies.

This month we are delighted to announce our latest joint winners - Chrissy Heynes, Head Of Customer Relations and Yvonne Quinn, Customer Relations Operations Manager at Southeastern (we couldn’t possibly choose between the two).

Southeastern is a true example of using ServiceNow as a business enabler, recognising the benefits a strategic platform can bring to automating process areas outside of IT. The level of industrial action seen this year has increased the demand on their Customer Relations team and tied in with regulatory changes to how rail delays are processed and handled, the result is a very busy team of people inundated with change.

Within their customer contact centre, Southeastern use ServiceNow (internally named ‘Javelin’) to process and manage all their delay repay requests. Javelin ensures they meet the regulator’s requirement to automatically detect when customer journeys have been delayed or cancelled, and proactively creates a compensation claim for the customer provided they have opted in to the One Click Claim process.

This year, Chrissy and Yvonne have further embraced the technology, and, with UP3’s help, have achieved:

  • 900+ One Click Claims generated since go live in August and feedback from Southeastern customers has been positive.
  • A number of urgent Delay Repay rule changes to automatically process claims relating to journeys impacted by industrial action, including recent changes by the regulator relating to the rules governing weekly season tickets.
  • Agent Chat and Virtual Agent capability which is soon to be released to the Southeastern website, opening up a new channel for customers to self-serve on the most popular queries.
  • Implementation of a solution which gives customers the option to donate the compensation awarded to one of five nominated charities.
  • And, most recently, automatic processing of a wider range of tickets, reducing the overhead on the Customer Service Agents.

All of this has been made possible thanks to the diligent engagement of Chrissie, Yvonne and the Southeastern team.

The team consistently commit time to the roadmap and requirement definition processes, testing and releases, allowing UP3 to deliver consistent and regular functional updates. The quantity and quality of these updates has demonstrated how an effective Managed Development Service can deliver real improvements to critical customer and operational processes in double quick time – even in stressful and time constrained circumstances.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Chrissy, Yvonne and the Southeastern team for all of their hard work and results and thank them for their ongoing dedication and collaboration with our partnership.

Rebecca Copley

Written by:

Rebecca Copley

Head of Customer Engagement

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