UP3 - Announcing UP3’s Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Nick Pardoe, 3 strike process!

Announcing UP3’s Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Nick Pardoe, 3 strike process!

The time has come to announce our latest ServiceNow Managed Service Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. This award is earned by customers who have implemented an initiative and shared this with our other customers. This way of working means all our customers benefit by taking it in turns to solve common problems.

We can now announce that Nick Pardoe, IT Service Manager at HS2 is our next MVP winner!

Nick is responsible for the daily management of the ServiceNow platform within HS2 and works closely with UP3 to identify areas of the solution that can be utilised and enhanced to address range of IT and business problems.

This award is for the implementation of a “3 strike” process for incidents where customers are not responding to requests for information. This solution may appear simple on the surface but has had a huge impact on HS2’s service levels, customer perception and departmental efficiencies.

This solution allows ITIL users to record when a customer has been contacted to progress a ticket. Once this has happened three times without a response, the incident will automatically be resolved. The following rules have been applied to ensure the process is fair:

  • There must be a minimum of 24 hours between strikes
  • Incident is set to resolved 24 hours after 3rd strike is recorded
  • Additional comments field is mandatory every time a strike is applied
  • Resolution code is set to “unable to progress” to allow reporting
  • Customers receive an update every time a strike is added
  • Incidents are set to resolved and follow auto closure rules, allowing the customer to re-open the incident after the final strike
  • If the customer responds to a contact request, the strike number resets to zero.

Since implementing these rules, we have added further configuration to manage incidents which are placed on hold in agreement with the customer. In this scenario, a strike would not be applied, however, to ensure completeness of process, we also implemented the following:

  • When an incident is placed on hold without a strike being applied, the ITIL user is forced to enter an “on hold until” date
  • Once this date is past, the system automatically sets the incident to “work in progress” and notifies the “assigned to” user and “assignment group”
  • The customer is informed at all stages of this process with additional comments being mandatory.

At UP3 we see massive value in the smaller, quicker wins which add huge benefit to our customers and their working practices. This frees more time for them to drive innovation with the platform and our partnership. We love giving this award and seeing our customers support each other.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Nick and the team over at HS2 for their continuous hard work and eagerness to share with past, present and no doubt future endeavours. Congrats Nick!

Rebecca Copley

Written by:

Rebecca Copley

Head of Customer Engagement

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