UP3 - Virgin Trains tackles delay compensation fraud using ServiceNow

Virgin Trains tackles delay compensation fraud using ServiceNow

An article appeared online this week at ComputerWorld, following on from the keynote speeches at Now Forum we thought was worthy of sharing.

The article outlined the route taken by Virgin trains to combat compensation and fraud.

Here at UP3, we are extremely proud of the ServiceNow solutions we have provided Virgin Trains and the working partnership we have with them.

Matthew Shears, co-founder at UP3 stated the following:

“The Fraud Detection and Prevention project is another great example of how Virgin Trains is using ServiceNow to make life easier for their people as well as having an immediate impact on the bottom line. Historically these business critical processes have been difficult and expensive to manage; in this case VT already had all the data related to compensation claims in ServiceNow, we just needed to set the conditions of what constitutes suspicious behaviour and present that data in a meaningful way so that customer service agents could quickly spot cases of potential fraud. Within two months we had built a proof of concept that returned real cases of fraud.”

To read the full article click here (archive version), or for more information about UP3 and our ServiceNow solutions, then please do get in touch.

Matthew Shears

Written by:

Matthew Shears

Co-founder & Commercial Director

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