UP3 - Goodbye Old Friends… Hello New Friends

Goodbye Old Friends… Hello New Friends

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank the amazing Virgin Trains team who have helped shape the rail industry over the last 22 years, and a special thank you to the lovely people we have had the pleasure to work with directly.

From their award-winning social media strategy to paving the way with their game changing stance on automatic delay repay compensation – Virgin Trains were the conductors behind many industry firsts, to which the rail sector will be forever grateful – check out this video to see their official goodbye!

But… as we look to the future – we want to say a huge welcome to Avanti; who will play a pivotal role in the future of passenger rail development – further improving and innovating services along the west coast. If you’d like to hear more about the upcoming changes, or what Avanti have instore – check out their video below or find out more on their website.

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