UP3 - Southeastern Customer Story

Southeastern reduces ServiceNow backlog by 70%

Engaging the UP3 Managed Service has enabled Southeastern to reduce their backlog, experience seamless upgrades and automate previously manual processes. All contributing to a substantially improved customer experience.

About Southeastern

Southeastern Railway operates one of the busiest networks in the country running over 1,600 trains a day, carrying 400,000+ passengers into London from Kent and East Sussex. The Customer Relations team at Southeastern sets the strategy for the ongoing relationship with customers. Their CRM system plays a fundamental role in this relationship, ensuring the team have access to the data required to manage and act on feedback from customers.



Company size:



United Kingdom

UP3 services:

ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow Managed Service

ServiceNow products:

ServiceNow CSM, ServiceNow ITSM, UP3 Rail Compensation Product, UP3 Rail Fraud Product


  • 70% reduction in open tickets since working with the UP3 Managed Service
  • Peace of mind - any issues quickly identified and resolved by UP3
  • Dramatic backlog reduction
  • More time to focus on strategic business initiatives - less time firefighting and managing the day to day
  • Seamless upgrades with the right new features used to add value to the business
  • Automation of manual processes. New UP3 ServiceNow applications built including automated Delay Repay refunds have hugely improved customer experience
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UP3 - Southeastern Customer Story

The challenge

Southeastern’s existing CRM system was being managed by a third party and was coming to end-of-life. The team decided to bring ownership in-house enabling them to manage the day to day and the long-term strategy for the platform. Southeastern selected the UP3 Rail Compensation and Rail Fraud products built on ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and engaged UP3 as their implementation partner.

Southeastern initially chose to manage ServiceNow via their internal IT, but quickly realised the team had limited capacity to manage the platform and lacked the ServiceNow expertise to take advantage of the rich functionality. The progression of ServiceNow was held back as the Customer Service team competed against the entire business for resource and priority from their IT function. This resulted in a huge backlog, with long lead-times to resolve issues and get new functionality added. 

Additionally, the team was struggling to keep up with the resource intensive ServiceNow upgrade requirements - with limited time to read up on new functionality while handing the backlog and operational platform management.

UP3 - Southeastern Customer Story

The solution

Southeastern engaged UP3’s Managed Service to handle the entire management and development of ServiceNow including day to day incidents and requests and the full upgrade process. 

The team at UP3 work in close partnership with Southeastern to understand their business goals and challenges, and Southeastern and UP3 consistently commit time to the roadmap and requirement definition processes, enabling UP3 to deliver consistent and regular functional updates aligned to the overarching business goals.

The outcome

Since working with UP3, Southeastern has completely reduced their backlog and any issues are quickly identified and resolved by the UP3 team before they turn into a major problem or impact customers. Upgrades are pain-free, with the Southeastern team leveraging UP3’s ServiceNow knowledge to add the enhancements and features needed on a regular basis. 

Additionally, Southeastern is a true example of using ServiceNow as a business enabler, taking advantage of the platform to automate business-critical processes. Using the UP3 Rail Compensation product, Southeastern use ServiceNow to automate their Delay Repay request process, improving their customer experience. The application also ensures Southeastern meet the regulator’s requirement to automatically detect when customer journeys have been delayed or cancelled, proactively creating a compensation claim for the customer.

UP3 - Southeastern Customer Story

Update June 2023

Following the success seen by the Customer Services team, Southeastern has taken the decision to migrate their IT Service Desk onto the same ServiceNow platform. The implementation is due to complete in summer 2023 and will also transition onto the UP3 Managed Service. The move will effectively double the capacity of the service and provide a solid foundation for expansion into other business areas.

UP3 -

"It’s reassuring to know that you’ve got somebody who knows your business and whose day-to-day job is to know ServiceNow, to make sure you're making the most of the features that are relevant to you"

Christine Heynes, Head of Customer Relations, Southeastern
UP3 -

"The UP3 team work with you to look at what's possible with ServiceNow, knowing what your challenges are and then helping you get more from the platform."

Yvonne Quinn, Customer Relations Operations Manager, Southeastern
UP3 -

"We learned the hard way. If you do want to get the best out of ServiceNow, you need not just the product, but the right team to manage the platform. We’ve found that with our Managed Service from UP3"

Christine Heynes, Head of Customer Relations, Southeastern

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