UP3 - UP3 delivers COVID-19 reporting system on ServiceNow for Avanti West Coast

UP3 delivers COVID-19 reporting system on ServiceNow for Avanti West Coast

The rail company needed “a game-changing” way to manage its COVID-19 data

UP3 recently went live with a management and reporting system for train operator Avanti West Coast to record and monitor incidents of staff affected by COVID-19.

Avanti West Coast needed a way to track data to ensure the safety of staff while keeping vital services running during the pandemic. This was previously managed through manual data analysis, but that proved to be difficult and lacked the required expediency.

UP3 built a ServiceNow workflow solution that solved these issues and provided a track and trace element. With Public Health England requiring employers to perform track and trace, the system would allow the inter-city operator to further mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in its workforce in a compliant way.

“It was fantastic to work with UP3 to introduce a system that helps us to try to prevent infections in the workplace. They rose to the challenge of creating a COVID-19 data reporting system with a very tight turn around, as part of measures to enable our staff to carry out their duties in a COVID-safe manner,” said Linsey Telford, Lead HR Business Partner at Avanti West Coast. “This system is giving us the resources to support our internal practices and preventative measures more efficiently. It also allows us to provide key business information while we respond to the pandemic.”

Martin Wright, IT Project Manager at Avanti West Coast, added: “UP3 worked collaboratively to help us achieve our aspirations. They took onboard our needs and the different scenarios our teams encounter to develop a tailored system that delivers a game-changing solution to our everyday practices.”

The solution means a more resilient way for Avanti West Coast to manage the wellbeing of its staff and ensure it can continue to provide a vital service to those making essential journeys. It also means a significant drop in manual labour, allowing the HR Team to focus on strategic work and empowering the team with the tools to provide regular reporting to management teams and Public Health England.

“We’re delighted with the benefits the ServiceNow solution has already provided to Avanti West Coast,” said Matthew Shears, Co-Founder of UP3. “This is exactly what our team does best: working on complex problems in partnership with our clients, delivering at pace and providing solutions that have a real and immediate impact.”

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