Avanti West Coast launches three new applications for rail operations, all built on ServiceNow!

It has been a busy time for UP3. In what has been a first for us we have scoped, built and delivered three brand new ServiceNow applications, each one automating a different part of Avanti West Coast’s rail operations. All our work was delivered remotely due to the coronavirus and all three applications were in production within 6 weeks.

Here’s what we did:

Visitor Sign-In

It’s critically important that access to Avanti-operated stations and training centres is controlled. This iPad-based visitor sign-in application enhances site access management by creating an audit trail of who is scheduled to be on site at any given time. Whether someone is visiting for a meeting, or a contractor needs access to carry out work; this application gives visibility over who is on site, what they’re doing, and because it is integrated with another UP3-built ServiceNow application Permit to Work, it will also verify whether they have permission to be there.

Stay Safe

The Stay Safe solution allows any Avanti West Coast employee to report a safety issue as it is occurring via a central, employee-only, mobile application integrated with ServiceNow for issue assignment and handling. As ServiceNow is already in use for a number of Avanti operational processes, not least rail disruption management, UP3 has been able to connect the Stay Safe application with the existing operational data. This will enable Avanti to build a database of safety incidents and run analysis to identify any trouble hotspots requiring action and determine how safety can be increased.

Station Faults & Train Defects

Avanti relies on a number of third-parties to ensure that any issues related to services onboard a train or at its stations are picked up quickly and managed efficiently to ensure minimum impact to their customers. UP3 has extended the Avanti Back on Track (Rail Disruption) application to enable staff to accurately report issues via their mobile device into ServiceNow, where they are immediately escalated to the third-party responsible for resolving faults or defects with that part of the service. For example, an issue with on-board wi-fi on a moving train can be reported through to the responsible wi-fi service provider and within a minute the response can be planned and coordinated to ensure minimum impact to customer experience. By managing these issues centrally in ServiceNow, Avanti can monitor service provider performance to ensure targets are being met and the service provided offers maximum value for customers.

These applications will undoubtedly provide immediate benefits for safety and security; and through automation will deliver improved supplier response times, quicker fixes and a better customer experience.

We are delighted to further our partnership with Avanti West Coast as they continue to extend the use of ServiceNow across their business. Our combined efforts have created a rich operational dataset, on a single platform that provides one version of the truth for a multitude of complex processes. Avanti are providing enhanced colleague and customer experiences that set them apart, and in some cases are industry-first initiatives.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the committed team at Avanti West Coast who, along with our own talented team of ServiceNow experts, have made this project possible under demanding conditions – we look forward to sharing news of more great applications with you very soon.

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