About Ruth Weatherall

Name – Ruth Weatherall

Job Position – Co-founder & Operations Director, occasional Bean Counter, the short boss

Experience – How do you do this bit without sounding old? 20 years in IT with startups that grew up into corporates starting out in support and ending up managing and then consulting in ServiceNow deployments. I’m all about the process baby.

ServiceNow expertise – I go all the way back to Winter 2009 just don’t ask me to code anything.

What people really think of me – Oh dear….half (OK three-quarters) would say I’m scary, the ones that really know me know the truth. Loves whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, cool data visualisation and cake.

News and blogs by Ruth Weatherall

UP3 Thrives: Major customer wins; sector prowess; and ServiceNow ecosystem growth

UP3 attributes success to major Managed Service customer wins, sector expertise and tremendous growth in the ServiceNow ecosystem. We founded UP3 in 2016 with the goal of helping companies digitally transform through the power of the ServiceNow platform. During this time – and especially over the last 12 months – we’ve seen huge growth in major IT infrastructure projects in the UK, brought about by…

18 January 2024 Read more

ServiceNow is constantly evolving. Invest in the right skills to make the most of it.

In the third instalment of our five-part series, our Co-founder and Operational Director, Ruth Weatherall shares her thoughts on how to unlock the power of ServiceNow. In business it’s often easy to focus on upfront deployment, but not fully realise the long-term operational requirements. Not just in recruiting the right staff but retaining them and keeping them constantly skilled up. Your team…

09 January 2023 Read more

Lessons learned from a day with our customers

A couple of weeks ago Ian Wynn, UP3’s Head of Managed Service, welcomed customers to our second user group, this time taking place in Birmingham. The aim of the event is for our customers to learn from each other. Not only to share successes and best practice but also those cautionary tales and lessons learned. It’s those real-world experiences that customers continually tell us are valuable. But…

24 October 2022 Read more

Why low code is the perfect business transformation cherry picker

It’s fair to assume that any organisations not going through some form of technology enabled transformation are today firmly in the minority. However, according to McKinsey, 70% of digital transformations fail, suggesting that intent alone is no guarantee of success. We help organisations scope and implement transformative projects using low code and the challenge we experience is too much slow and…

13 July 2022 Read more

Why I'm determined to do my bit for women in the IT sector

My career in technology started out purely by luck. I was a Maths graduate who was looking for a temping job over the summer break before my graduate Operational Research position was due to start in September. This was 1998 and the company I landed at was Cisco – fairly small in the UK at the time but growing incredibly quickly. The manager of the team I joined, the wonderful Ian Catlin, saw something…

27 January 2022 Read more

Announcing UP3’s first Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Mark Bustin!

At UP3 we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate; it underpins everything we do and it has seen us develop industry-first and best-in class-applications that have won awards for our customers. However we don’t just do technical innovation, we also take an innovative approach to the services we deliver and our customers are a critical part of this. Our ServiceNow Managed…

25 September 2020 Read more

And the winner is…

What started life nearly a year ago as a relatively simple proof of concept to analyse Virgin Trains’ Delay Repay data to determine if we could detect whether fraudulent claims were being made, culminated in a dark drizzly night in Leicester where we were crowned Best Newcomer at the Retail Risk Fraud Awards. If you’re of the technical persuasion and want to know more about…

15 October 2019 Read more

Virgin Trains transforms rider experience using ServiceNow

Virgin Trains is determined to transform the rail experience into a reliable source of enjoyment and pleasure. They want to deliver a consistently positive experience that keeps customers happy—and keeps them coming back. We’re proud to work with Virgin Trains to help implement digital workflows that assist their customer first strategy. To find out how we can enhance…

15 April 2019 Read more

A view from the client – Fraud Manager, Virgin Trains

So, let’s start at the beginning. Can you tell us your name, who you work for and what is your exact role within the company? I am Mick O’Brien, and I work for Virgin Trains as the Fraud Manager. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– And how do you know the people at UP3? I have had the great pleasure of working closely with the UP3 team, particularly Becci and Callum, during the exciting development…

01 April 2019 Read more

Finishing the year with another win

Last month, we found ourselves at “The UK IT Industry Awards 2018” in support of our friends at ServiceNow and Virgin Trains, who won the Business IT Innovation of the Year award. Once again, UP3 is delighted to support this win through the innovation we are driving in partnership with both organisations. A further, special mention goes to Virgin Trains, who also picked up “IT Team of the Year”…

04 December 2018 Read more

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