About Rebecca Copley

Name – Rebecca Copley

Job Position – Head of Customer Engagement

Experience – 11 years in process management with 5 years’ focused on ServiceNow consultancy and engagement management delivering some pretty cool stuff.

ServiceNow expertise – Great at knowing what the system can do, and coming up with ideas that make technical consultants excited, if not a little nervous!

What people really think of me – Loves Visio diagrams a little too much and eats a lot!

News and blogs by Rebecca Copley

Breaking Down Gendered Power Norms in the Tech Industry

“When are you having kids?”“Are you married?”“Why don’t you wear heels at work?”“Why don’t you smile more?”“Is your husband intimidated by your job?” We’ve all had them. The inappropriate questions at work. While we may feel more empowered to call them out these days, it sadly doesn’t seem to stop them from coming. Being a woman in the tech industry, I’ve encountered small-mindedness more often…

06 February 2023 Read more

Get the foundations of ServiceNow right. It’ll underpin every project success in the future.

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, the platform has the power to unleash powerful transformation capabilities and accelerate your speed of business. That is, if you are in a position to take advantage of its potential and be one of the digital transformation success stories. At UP3 we live and breathe ServiceNow and digital transformation, so in this five-part blog series, we share tips to…

03 January 2023 Read more

UP3 Managed Service Most Valuable Player announcement…and the award goes to…

Our ServiceNow Managed Service Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards acknowledge the new and innovative ways our customers are using ServiceNow. In many cases these innovations are generously shared with their peers in other companies. This month we are delighted to announce our latest joint winners - Chrissy Heynes, Head Of Customer Relations and Yvonne Quinn, Customer Relations Operations Manager at…

20 October 2022 Read more

Legal workflow automation with ServiceNow

I’ve worked in the legal sector and I think those in the industry will be the first to admit that it isn’t always at the bleeding edge of digital innovation. But to some extent, that’s because it’s not needed to be. There’s sometimes a lot of hype in the technology industry that whatever product or service is being sold is going to be ‘disruptive’. But just because innovations work in one industry…

13 May 2022 Read more

Announcing UP3’s Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Nick Pardoe, 3 strike process!

The time has come to announce our latest ServiceNow Managed Service Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. This award is earned by customers who have implemented an initiative and shared this with our other customers. This way of working means all our customers benefit by taking it in turns to solve common problems. We can now announce that Nick Pardoe, IT Service Manager at HS2 is our next MVP winner! Nick…

08 April 2021 Read more

Announcing UP3’s next Managed Service MVP Award Winner – Barj Duhra!

Last quarter, we introduced our quarterly Managed Service Most Valuable Player Award as a way of recognising the generosity our customers show when sharing their innovations with their peers in other companies. We had a phenomenal response to our first award and it was brilliant to see our customers receiving the recognition for the work we complete together. As a Managed…

15 December 2020 Read more