About Justin Loftas

Job Position – Technical Director

Experience – 18 years of IT experience including service operations, service delivery and software development. Worked with the ServiceNow platform since 2009, having originally been a customer, and since 2012 as a dedicated ServiceNow consultant, developer and architect.

ServiceNow expertise – I’ve seen the platform grow from the earlier days and have personally worked with over 60 different customers on various requirements for the platform, from standard ITSM to bespoke applications unique to their business. I’d class myself as an all-rounder, I enjoy getting my hands dirty doing development but also providing architectural guidance and strategy

What people really think of me – That I’m always open to new ideas and keen to share my knowledge. Though this will probably lead them to saying I can talk too much!

News and blogs by Justin Loftas

A view of ChatGPT

It's hard to ignore the level of excitement and interest around OpenAI’s Chat GPT, especially when you see some of the output it’s been producing in the ServiceNow space. I've seen posts from my LinkedIn connections ranging from Business Analysts helping it to write test scripts, Product and Platform Owners using it to assist writing business cases and Technical Consultants and Developers to write…

16 January 2023 Read more

ServiceNow Rome: our look at the key features

It only seems five minutes ago we were discussing the arrival of ServiceNow Quebec but it’s now six months on and we are welcoming ServiceNow’s latest release: Rome. As expected in this ‘mid’ year release there are not so many big features to discuss but there are a lot of quality-of-life improvements and enhancements, expanding on previously released capability like Playbooks, Process Automation Designer…

22 December 2021 Read more

Go wide or go deep: the ServiceNow conundrum

I watched a recent Live Coding Happy Hour video from the ServiceNow Dev Program team - Building an app in 2007 - Live Coding Happy Hour - where they tried to build an app on an instance that was running the Fall 2007 release. (Back then they tried to do three or four releases a year and naming them after cities was still five years in the future.) My key takeaway was even though there has been huge…

10 June 2021 Read more

ServiceNow Quebec: the top new features to look out for

UP3's Technical Director Justin Loftas reveals his pick of Quebec's best new features As spring arrives that means not just longer and warmer days to look forward to, but a new version of ServiceNow. The Quebec release appears to have very much a platform focus, particularly in the Now Intelligence applications. This shows where the technology of ServiceNow’s recent AI acquisitions are starting to…

01 April 2021 Read more

ServiceNow Managed Services – How can you tell if your Managed Service is really only support?

Companies that have implemented ServiceNow have often taken advantage of a ‘Managed Service’ offering, where the day to day process of looking after their treasured platform is handed over to another organisation who have dedicated skilled resources. It has been widely known for some time that employing someone directly with the relevant ServiceNow skill and experience can be expensive. UP3…

13 November 2020 Read more

A new year, a new start… BIG NEWS from UP3

We’re delighted to announce that Justin Loftas starts his new role as UP3 Technical Director today. Justin has been an integral part of the UP3 team since joining as a Technical Architect just over two years ago; with 20 years of industry experience, his passion and deep technical knowledge of the ServiceNow platform have enabled him to play a valuable architectural role across…

01 April 2020 Read more