UP3 - AP3 – Built on ServiceNow means Built Better

AP3 – Built on ServiceNow means Built Better

UP3 has operated as a trusted partner of ServiceNow for the last four years; and this week our sister company AP3, received some fantastic news. AP3 has been certified as a Built on Now partner. With some new logos, and a new status to match – what does this mean for ServiceNow users across the globe?

Built on Now is a new partner designation that helps customers identify scoped applications from technology partners that are built natively on the ServiceNow platform, demonstrate high customer value and incorporate development best practices. In order to receive this new and highly sought-after status applications must pass through the rigorous ServiceNow certification process and be deemed to offer significant value to the customer.

How does this benefit the ServiceNow community?

By being able to identify trusted partners whose applications have been solely built on, and certified by, ServiceNow, you can be assured of a high quality solution supported by expert teams. This new accreditation elevates certified partners and recognises their commitment to excellence and to ServiceNow and their customers.

As the leading ServiceNow partner within the rail and transport sector – AP3 received this new status based on their industry-first application suite which utilises automated workflows to address sector-wide challenges such as rail delay repay fraud, automatic processing of delay repay compensation claims, and managing response during disruption. AP3’s applications are built on the ServiceNow platform and are available from the ServiceNow store; to find out more visit the AP3 website.

AP3 is part of the UP3 Group. Our businesses specialise in delivering workflow solutions on the ServiceNow platform. UP3 is an award-winning process automation specialist and a Premier Partner of ServiceNow. AP3 creates industry workflow applications that automate operational processes and improve customer experiences for passenger transport operators in the rail sector.

Matthew Shears

Written by:

Matthew Shears

Co-founder & Commercial Director

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