Women at UP3

Why diversity is important to us

UP3 was co-founded by Ruth Weatherall and Mathew Shears. For both them, supporting women in IT is a key part of UP3's DNA.

It's important that women get to grow their careers in a supportive environment, but it's also good for business. Diversity makes businesses stronger. It ensures different views are brought to the table, creativity is increased and we can reflect the diversity within our clients' organisations.

Ruth reflects on why it's so important to her. "Along the way I was the only woman in the room or on the call so many times. Like any woman my age working in IT I've experienced my fair share of casual (and not so casual) sexism. I look back at those experiences and they galvanise me." Read Ruth's article on her career and why she's determined to support women in IT.

Rebecca Copley, Head of Customer Engagement

“I quickly realised with UP3 I had joined an all welcoming, nurturing company who work their socks off to achieve greatness with everyone being appreciated and celebrated for their individual skills and achievements. Ruth and Matt look after us all making our welfare and happiness their priority, this increases our productivity by breeding loyalty and pride in a company we all view as ours as opposed to simply an employer. 

“After joining UP3 I had a baby and becoming a working mum for the first time was the biggest life change I have been through. Without the support and encouragement from the whole team, this would have been an impossible undertaking in the world of consultancy. 

“Having Ruth to look up to as a working mother herself is priceless and I learn from her daily. The mutual support mentality Ruth and Matt have engrained at UP3 is nothing like I have ever experienced before, we all recognise we are in this together and no matter who needs a little assistance, the team is there.”

Head of Customer Engagement
Technical Consultant

Alice Smith, Technical Consultant

“People often ask me why don't more women work in IT and I only wish I knew the answer, but I think if people knew that as much as it's frustrating to feel you have to prove to others, and even yourself, that you're good enough to be here, the satisfaction of doing so is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world!

“There are actually a lot of people in the IT industry that want to see women do well and go out of their way to embrace those of us that are trying to do so. Most noticeably in my career this has been achieved by UP3 as right from when the company was first created, the co-founders Ruth and Matt continually strive to ensure UP3 is a balanced and diverse workplace, and for a technology company that is not an easy goal! This desire to help women succeed is one of the things that drew me to UP3 and given what we've achieved so far I no longer feel that I need to prove that I (women) can do it because I know that we can!”


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