UP3 - Women at UP3
UP3 - Women at UP3
UP3 - Women at UP3
UP3 - Women at UP3
UP3 - Women at UP3

Women at UP3

UP3 was co-founded by Ruth Weatherall and Matthew Shears back in 2016. 

For both of them, supporting women in IT is a key part of UP3's DNA and we strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are key to creating a strong and successful team. 

Hear from the women at UP3

UP3 - Women at UP3

Diversity at UP3

It's important that women get to grow their careers in a supportive environment, and it's also good for business. Diversity makes businesses stronger. It ensures different views are brought to the table, creativity is increased and we can reflect the diversity within our clients' organisations.

Determined to support women in IT

Ruth reflects on why supporting women in IT is so important to her. 

"Along the way I was the only woman in the room or on the call so many times. Like any woman my age working in IT I've experienced my fair share of casual (and not so casual) sexism. I look back at those experiences and they galvanise me." 

Read Ruth's blog on her career and determination to support women in IT.

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"My job is to make it easier for women to come through and to feel comfortable in a technical environment, be respected in a technical environment and know that their voice is as important as anybody else's"

Ruth Weatherall, Co-founder and Operations Director

“Having Ruth to look up to as a working mother herself is priceless and I learn from her daily. The mutual support mentality Ruth and Matt have ingrained at UP3 is nothing like I have ever experienced before, we all recognise we are in this together and no matter who needs a little assistance, the team is there.”

Rebecca Copley, Head of Customer Engagement, UP3

"It’s an inspiration that you can see that one of the co-founders is female. It’s an aspiration that we can actually get there."

Kogie Perumaul, Engagement Manager

“People often ask me why don't more women work in IT and I only wish I knew the answer, but I think if people knew that as much as it's frustrating to feel you have to prove to others, and even yourself, that you're good enough to be here, the satisfaction of doing so is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world!"

Alice Smith, Technical Consultant

“The fact that we have such an exceptional male to female ratio at UP3 is something I'm really proud of. I've worked in lots of organisations where we have talked about the desire to achieve that ratio, but this is the first organisation where we have actually achieved it”

Ian Wynn, Head of Managed Service

“The deciding factor for me was that there were so many women in the company. And they were successful women. And they weren’t just in support roles. They were the Technical Consultants, they were the lead engagement managers.”

Amira Arslan, Technical Consultant

Our values

Our values sit at the heart of everything we do. They're a true reflection of our culture and what it's like to work at UP3.

No-one is above making the tea or watering the plants.

Do the right thing by the customer. Always.

No room for egos, politics or gossip.

We're a team. Take pride in sharing what you know.

If you see something that needs doing, roll up your sleeves and get it done.

Remember, at some point, you did something for the first time.

Breaking down gendered power norms in the tech industry

Rebecca Copley, Head of Customer Engagement at UP3 speaks about her experiences as a woman in tech and how UP3 are working to break down gender stereotypes and inequalities in the industry.

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Great place to work certified

Our people have spoken and we're so proud to share that we've achieved  Great Place to Work-Certified™ status.

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Hybrid working

We love hybrid working. And, when you do come into our office, it's pretty cool (even if we do say so ourselves)

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