About Us

UP3. Taking ServiceNow To The Next Level.

We are innovative and pragmatic.

Known for our ability to ‘get stuff done’ we use our formidable whiteboarding skills to quickly identify the business problem that needs to be solved before setting our crack team of technical architects and consultants to work building the solution in ServiceNow. We manage and support all of this through our ServiceNow Managed Services.

We are the team that built Virgin Trains Fraud Detection & Prevention application in a few weeks as a proof of concept and managed to identify a case of £70,000 fraud before we’d even pushed the application live.

We really do love our clients; we are supremely focused on great customer service and building long-term successful partnerships. We know how much value and innovation you can drive out of ServiceNow provided you have the vision and the tenacity to execute it. You just need the right partner to help you get there.

As much as our consultants like to live and breathe ServiceNow we are a diverse team and we are committed to enjoying life inside and outside of work – for some of us that means coaching football, or riding 100 miles around London for charity, or undertaking the gruelling November Ballbuster challenge, or going to Body Attack on a Friday night because we ‘don’t like running!’. For others it’s yelling at our builders, making our fortune from cryptocurrency, or designing the biggest, loudest, fireworks display in Oxfordshire.