A View from the Client – Jo Gregory, Nuffield Health

So, let’s start at the beginning… Can you tell us your name, who you work for and what is your exact role within the company?

I’m Jo Gregory, and I’ve been working in various roles within IT for Nuffield Health over the last 12 years. I am currently Head of IT Service Delivery & Adoption.


How do you know the people at UP3?

We’ve been engaged with UP3 for years; in fact I’ve known UP3 longer than Georg Holzer has! I’ve worked with most of the UP3 Team; however Georg is my main point of contact for the day to day workings of the platform, we check in with each other every week.


Tell us about the platform enhancements you’ve experienced through UP3’s Managed Support.

When it comes to managing the platform it’s all hands-on deck – there’s always something going on! In the next week or so we’re working on our Knowledge Base improvements to increase the use of the current catalogue. However, our current focus is to reduce the amount of emails and phone calls coming into the service desk by utilising a chat function.

We do enhance the platform, but with UP3 its not just about that – Georg gets stuck in right from the beginning of the ideas process; and uses best practices from both ServiceNow and the industry to advise on the overall business process, as well as solution design to ensure we’re maximising our capabilities and allowing for future growth and agility. The guys don’t just “keep the lights on” and maintain the platform, their genuine passion for the product means they encourage continual improvement; and through their workshops and ability to understand our actual business requirements as opposed to just the ServiceNow process – this is exactly what we’re achieving.


And, honestly how was it? Any issues? Any stories?

Its honestly been brilliant! No issues that come to mind, Georg and team work alongside us as one of the Nuffield team.


So, what’s next? Can you tell us about the next project or any future plans?

I can’t divulge too much but there are a few big projects in the works; however, I can tell you about the increase in automation we’re planning. With our continual catalogue improvements, we’re looking to implement a smart catalogue which maximises the levels of automation to enhance our SAM practices. We also plan on taking a deep dive look into our CMDB in relation to this smart catalogue to see how we can utilise best practices for future agility. In terms of our bigger projects, you’ll just have to wait and see what this entails, all I can say is we have some innovative ideas and specific enhancements we want to achieve with UP3, and we can’t wait to get these projects underway.


Is there anything that UP3 could improve on? And be honest, we like to hear good and bad feedback!

We already have a direct line; Teams messaging and weekly catch up to keep the work and ideas flowing. So I think I’ll get told off if I ask for anymore time from Georg and the team! ; )


We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jo Gregory for taking part in this blog series and sharing the Nuffield story. If you would like any information around our Managed Services offering, please do get in touch.

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