UP3 - A view from the client – Fraud Manager, Virgin Trains

A view from the client – Fraud Manager, Virgin Trains

So, let’s start at the beginning. Can you tell us your name, who you work for and what is your exact role within the company?

I am Mick O’Brien, and I work for Virgin Trains as the Fraud Manager.


And how do you know the people at UP3?

I have had the great pleasure of working closely with the UP3 team, particularly Becci and Callum, during the exciting development of the fraud application with the Service Now platform.


Tell us about the project your worked on together?

The fraud application project was part of the larger platform service provider migration within the Customer Resolutions Centre. My role was to identify fraud, primarily within the Delay Repay system, which prior to the app development relied upon manual interrogation of vast amounts of data. Starting from ideas on post it notes the application was brought to life by the UP3 team allowing us to go live within a few months.


And, honestly how was it? Any issues, any stories?

Brilliant, the team worked in complete harmony, sharing thoughts and ideas along the journey. The passion shown was fantastic and has proven that there are some secret detectives within UP3!


So what is next. Can you tell us the next project or any future plans?

Phase 2 is the next stage of the project and is extremely exciting. It will enhance the application using all the information we have learnt so far, together with new ideas and will improve the prevention and deterrent elements of the application.
In addition, the upgrade will allow us to engage with those intent on committing fraud and abusing the system. Our goal is to prevent and detect fraud at its genesis ensuring our risk is greatly reduced whilst enabling us to pro-actively identify and emerging fraud trends which will drive our strategy.


Is there anything that UP3 could improve on. And be honest, we like to hear good and bad feedback?

Bigger notebooks : )

Nothing, everyone at UP3 has a fantastic appetite to transform ideas into reality and I can’t wait to build on what has already been achieved.

Ruth Weatherall

Written by:

Ruth Weatherall

Co-founder and Operations Director

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