UP3 - A new year, a new start… BIG NEWS from UP3

A new year, a new start… BIG NEWS from UP3

We’re delighted to announce that Justin Loftas starts his new role as UP3 Technical Director today. Justin has been an integral part of the UP3 team since joining as a Technical Architect just over two years ago; with 20 years of industry experience, his passion and deep technical knowledge of the ServiceNow platform have enabled him to play a valuable architectural role across a number of our key projects.

With a new challenge ahead of him, we caught up with Justin to find out why he’s happy to become a permanent member of the UP3 team, as well as understanding his thoughts around his new role:

“At UP3 Matt and Ruth have always worked hard to understand what makes people tick; understanding that everyone is an individual but within a strong collective. Our development team possess a real variety of skills and all have the same mindset of supporting each other, they have a real thirst for knowledge and strive to constantly improve. The work we do is extremely interesting and challenging; very much focussing on improving business outcomes for our customers and our projects are invariably outside the realms of IT, which shows the power of the ServiceNow platform. To have such a position in an organisation where you have the ability to shape it’s future and the way it is operated is incredibly motivating. I feel very excited and privileged to be in such a position.”

This position is pivotal to the expansion of UP3 as we advance our established portfolio of ServiceNow Managed Services and our ServiceNow products business, offering industry-leading solutions to the rail and transport sectors – as Ruth Weatherall, UP3 Co-founder and Director of Operations confirmed:

“The role of Technical Director is critical to the next stage of UP3’s evolution. In 2020 we will be significantly building out our product business with our best and first-in-class rail applications, our comprehensive Managed Service offering is taking our clients far further with ServiceNow than they could’ve achieved on their own and our implementations are gaining in complexity as we deliver brand new solutions on the platform. Justin’s experience and leadership will enable us to scale across all our lines of business and ensure technical excellence is always at the forefront of our services”.

So, as we move into our 5th financial year – we’ve plenty in the pipeline for Justin to be getting on with, not least building even more fantastic customer relationships. Congratulations Justin – we couldn’t have wished for anyone better equipped to take on the challenge!

The UP3 Team

Justin Loftas

Written by:

Justin Loftas

Technical Director

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