ServiceNow represents a massive opportunity. Let us help you take it.

ServiceNow represents a massive opportunity. Let us help you take it.

You want to make your customers lives better, help them get things done more easily and make the currently complex simple. But….do you know how you’re going to get there or even where to start?

Our approach is based on years of working with clients just like you. You want a partner that can listen and challenge, one that can help you plan and take appropriate action, who is agile and flexible and at the same time able to say no and guide you if you’re doing the wrong thing. This is how we work; together as one cohesive team with an unwavering commitment to improving the services you deliver to your customers.

We Listen, We Take Action and We Care about the outcomes we deliver. Together.


At the beginning it can be difficult to know where to start and what can be achieved.

We have the experience of hundreds of ServiceNow implementations, we know how to quickly identify the issues and design a manageable programme of work aligned to your priorities. We have a comprehensive service portfolio tailored entirely to your business needs. As we help you adopt ServiceNow as a business critical system, we provide the expertise to develop and manage applications built on the platform.


The best work is done when we work as one team.

In today’s digital workplace technology allows us to connect with one another regardless of time or place. Working in virtual teams has become second nature to us all. However, in our experience, there is no substitute for face-to-face time – the best ideas rarely surface on a scheduled conference call, they appear when you grab 10 minutes together around a whiteboard. We want to work as part of your team, building long-term relationships that become trusted partnerships.


There needs to be a level of flexibility in any implementation.

We work in an ever-changing environment where nothing stands still for very long. This is particularly true of any ServiceNow implementation. We know that once you start to see how ServiceNow can work for you, you will have lots of ideas about how to do things differently. We want to encourage you to change your mind, it means we’re getting closer to what you actually want.


It’s hard to be a great business partner when you’re focused on the operational.

Once you have adopted ServiceNow as your Service Management platform there will be operational activities that will need to be taken care of. The greater the success of your implementation, the more demand you will generate for your services. It is critical that you continue to generate this demand by looking outwards to the business. This is why we have developed a portfolio of managed services. We take care of the operational. You focus on the business.


“Extremely impressed by the manner in which UP3 rose to the challenge of designing, building and implementing our instance of ServiceNow to meet our urgent requirement in just a matter of weeks. A great example of agile development and rapid deployment”

Mark Westbrook • Chief Operating Officer • Momenta

“We developed a great partnership with UP3 during our implementation of ServiceNow.  We appreciated their honesty and flexibility with the design decisions and the agile development was clear, logical and effective. UP3 were extremely helpful throughout the project and have continued to support us as we grow and improve our ServiceNow instance”.

Jo Gregory • IT Service Delivery Manager • Nuffield Health

“We have a great partnership with UP3. From the initial implementation to the critical ServiceNow roadmap we are delivering together they have showed levels of expertise and flexibility that, in my experience, is only offered by a partner that is truly committed to long term relationships with their customers.”

Dean Underwood • Head of Technology Services • Virgin Trains